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We have created our exclusive "CLUB DEL BOSCO" Web Application for several reasons, including:

1) Protect our Guests as much as possible from the danger deriving from Covid 19, not yet defeated,  and the dangerous transmission of the virus. We have  both the Evening Dinner Menu and the Wine List made immaterial. We have eliminated the Breakfast Buffet, replaced by a personalized service directly at the table;

2) Since we are not all the same and our needs in terms of Breakfast are very different, we have decided to decrease  the price list of stays of approximately Euro 7.00  per person per day introducing a highly personalized Breakfast service. Each Guest can build their own perfect Breakfast, paying for it based on what they ordered. We are the first (and only) in Selva di Cadore to have conceived and introduced this innovative and technological service, designing and creating our exclusive application.

3) The "Buffet Breakfast" is - in our opinion - a legacy of ostentatious and foolish opulence that descends from the 80s - 90s, when the accommodation facilities had almost the duty to show the guest the impressive quantity of food that they were able to display in free choice.

The dark side of this practice is the enormous and shameful food waste resulting from the surplus of perishable goods exposed and not consumed, destined for daily disposal.

4)  We select for you only the highest quality products, some of which are produced directly in house such as Plumckes, Strudel and  some cakes, no longer having to worry only about the quantity and the inevitable waste generated by obsolete and disrespectful practices both of environmental resources and of less fortunate human beings.

5) We are able to offer an exceptionally more varied and interesting range of products than the local standard.



Use our application to order:

- Your Breakfast: untill 22.00 of the previous evening
- Your Dinner: untill 10.00 of the same day

Use our application to discover:

- Drinks at the table and aperitifs
- Ancillary services

Not comfortable with technology?


No worries, ask us. We will be happy to help you at any time!


We select the best products in the maeket and offer them to you at an absolutely competitive price


You pay only what you order and not on a flat-rate and equal basis for everyone. We are not all the same !


Covid 19 is not yet defeated. Your breakfast is served at the table and is not exposed to the air for long periods


The "Club del Bosco" application helps us to counteract the useless  and unjust food waste typical of the "Buffet" 


No surprise  Maximum clarity

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