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hotel a selva di cadore val fiorentina dolomiti bellunesi albergo ca del bosco

Slightly different

Hotel Ca' del Bosco in Selva di Cadore does not include breakfast in the price of the stay, but offers a tasty Dinner that can be selected - daily - from a choice of three first courses, three second courses and an excellent and varied selection of desserts.

The breakfast is offered in about 90 different options, served directly to the guest's table, often with express preparations.

Both breakfast and dinner can be selected through our simple and fun "Club del Bosco" application within the hours illustrated below. You can choose from the various options, modify, or cancel.

"Club del Bosco" application allows you to keep track of every order, modification, or cancellation. After each operation, you will receive an automated email informing you about the status of your orders.

There is a function that allows you to view all orders and amounts, so you can keep track of your expenses.


Dinner can also be selected from the "Club del Bosco" application and will always be priced at "Zero Euro".

We strongly commit to combating food waste - typical of a "buffet" - which involves daily elimination of some exposed but unconsumed food, as well as possible dangerous contamination that the Covid pandemic has recently highlighted.

Furthermore, we support the idea that the price of breakfast should reflect what the guest consumes, rather than a standardized flat rate for everyone. We are not all the same.

In this light, offering a quality Dinner included in the price of the stay, reserving a table at the Hotel restaurant, is an option that we know is very appreciated, especially for those who have spent an intense day outdoors and do not wish to go out again for dinner.

Moreover, considering the scarcity of dining options in the area, it may be necessary to choose between two evening shifts in some establishments the option of having dinner comfortably at the hotel proves to be an absolutely appreciated fact by guests.

Regarding the cost of breakfast, you can refer to the brief explanatory video at the bottom of the page.

We have reported the prices offered for this service, which may be subject to updates based on variations made by suppliers."



Hotel Ca del Bosco Selva di Cadore Dolom

Use our application to order:

- Your Breakfast: untill 22.00 of the previous evening
- Your Dinner: untill 10.00 of the same day

Use our application to discover:

- Drinks at the table and aperitifs
- Ancillary services

Not comfortable with technology?


No worries, ask us. We will be happy to help you at any time!


We select the best products in the maeket and offer them to you at an absolutely competitive price


You pay only what you order and not on a flat-rate and equal basis for everyone. We are not all the same !


Covid 19 has taught us to protect ourselves: your breakfast is served at the table and is not exposed to the air for long periods


The "Club del Bosco" application helps us to counteract the useless  and unjust food waste typical of the "Buffet" 


No surprise  Maximum clarity

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