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affiliate marketing selva di cadore bell



Are you a tourism professional and already have your own travel website?

Are you a Youtuber, Influencer or run a related Travel / Tourism Blog?

Perfect, here you are at home!

We are excited to share great news with you: we have created an Affiliate Marketing space that will allow you to promote and recommend our stays - contained in the ONLINE SHOP -to your Followers or Customers


We initially set a fixed sales commission of 10% for every purchase you generate. Based on your sales' "performance" we will be more than happy to reward you with higher commissions.


The system is managed by a leading platform specialized in Affiliate Marketing, to guarantee a timely management of the amount of your commission, in relation to the sales you have generated.


At the moment we pay the sales commissions on a monthly basis (end of month), by  BANK TRANSFER.

Based on your request, we may also soon use Paypall, in order to simplify the management.


Keyboard and Mouse


Sul suo computer portatile

Stage One

Follow the simple instructions to create your profile and become our Partner. It is all very simple and fast and takes only a few minutes!

Impiegato portatile

Stage Two

Once you have created your profile you can copy the "reference link" and paste it on your site, in the space dedicated to us.

Sorridente Business Woman

Stage three

Start earning thanks to 10% commission paid at the end of each month in a transparent and verifiable manner

Are you a Blogger, Influencer or Youtuber?


We probably don't have anything particularly important to tell you. You already know what to do. In any case, contact us if you experience troubles of any kind.



Are you a Travel Agency - Tour Operator?


This could be a good opportunity to include Hotel Ca 'del Bosco in one of your corporate web pages (hopefully a dedicated page) and let the system work for you.


It will not be necessary to make any contact with us, negotiate commissions, negotiate with your client and us, collect deposits, waste time putting together all the pieces of the "puzzle" in order to be able to proceed with a booking.


The process is fully automated. You are not involved in any sales phase, you don't have to invest even a minute of your time. You only have the task of finding a suitableand smart space for the sale of our stays on your site and favoring the vision of them.


In the pure spirit of Affiliate Marketing, your contribution is solely to drive potential customers on our website. They - if they wish - will autonomously purchase a stay and you - automatically - will receive your commission.


Once you have registered and accessed your administration page, you will be able to pick up a link that will only be recognized as yours by the system. All you have to do is copy it and publish it on your website. If a customer - through that link - purchases a stay, you will be awarded with a 10% commission. You can check when you want from your admin page how your sales are going and how much your revenues are.


You will bill us - as an intermediary - your commission. We will provide you with our data at the time of your registration.


If you have any doubts or concerns, contact us immediately by email. We will provide you with a clear answer to each question.


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