3 DOUBLE OR TWIN "CLASSIC" ROOMS From 12.09.2021 to 19.09.2021



  • Stay for 6 people in 3 "Classic" Double or Twin rooms for a total of 7 nights
  • Arrival Sunday 12th September 2021
  • Departure Sunday 19 September 2021
  • 7 dinners per person


  • 7 Breakfast per person

Due to Covid-19 we had to made some cahanges. The so called BUFFET BREAKFAST has been replaced by a BREAKFAST SERVED AT CUSTOMERS' TABLE BY US. Your customers will be able to choose every single product from an online application and pay only for what they actually ordered.

  • Drinks at the table
  • Any "Extras" indicated in the daily menu
  • Bar
  • Tourist Tax (Euro 1.00 per person per day up to a maximum of 10 days)

3 DOUBLE OR TWIN "CLASSIC" ROOMS From 12.09.2021 to 19.09.2021


    The product you’re purchasing is not subject to refunds or compensation of any kind in case of renunciation, inability to stay, delayed arrival or early departure by your customers..




    This link refers to the specific page of the anticovid measures adopted here

    Please inform your customers.


    Your Customers (or You for them) can CHECK-IN ONLINE!


    We need to be informed in advance of any SPECIAL DIETS NEEDS - ALLERGIES of your Customers.

    We are unable to manage severe forms or particular pathologies such as CELIAC DISEASE.

    Based on the information we will receive from you, we will be able to maintain or modify the price of the stay (for example if we have to prepare a kitchen line totally different from the rest of the guests present in the hotel), or decline the request.

    If no specific information is received from you on the subject, we will assume that there are no food problems for your customers.


    The Tourist Tax is charged to your customers and must be paid - cash - at the time of check-out.

    The Municipality of Selva di Cadore applies a tourist tax, the collection of which is delegated to the accommodation facilities in accordance with the provisions of the City Council resolution no. 18 of 31.08.2107.

    The cost is Euro 1.00 per person per day.

    Some categories are exempt: for more information you can contact the Municipality of Selva di Cadore (Protocollo.selva@agordino.bl.it)


    We do not accept children under the age of 12.


    We do not accept animals of any species and size.


    The arrival time at the hotel to check-in is set between 14.30 and 19.30.

    After this time and only by agreement with the property:

    • Euro 20.00 surcharge fon any booked room if your Clients arrive within 20.00 p.m. (dinner is ensured - entering the Dining Room by 20.00 p.m.
    • Euro 40.00 surcharge fon any booked room if your Clients arrive within 21.30 p.m. (It is no longer possible to have dinner)
    • Euro 60.00 surcharge if your Clients arrive within 22.30 pm (It is no longer possible to have dinner)
    • After 22.30 pm it is no longer possible to check-in.

    The check-in will be possible again the following day:

    From 07.30 a.m. at 10.00 a.m.

    After this time the reservation is considered expired (no show).




    The check-out time is fixed by 10.30 a.m.


    After this time:

    • Room released by 11.30 a.m.: Euro

    30.00 surcharge per room

    • Room release by 12.30 p.m.: Euro

    60.00 surcharge per room

    • Release of the room after 12.30 p.m. and up to the maximum limit of 13.00 p.m. : Euro 150.00 surcharge per room.

    Dinner is served between 19.30 pm and 20.00 pm

    After 8.00 pm it is no longer allowed to enter the dining room.

    Dinner served (on request but not guaranteed) after 20.00:

    Euro 70.00 surcharge per room.

    The hall must be left for rearrangement at 21.15 pm.


    Breakfast is available between 07.30 a.m and 09.30 a.m.

    After 09.30 am it is no longer allowed to enter the breakfast room.

    Breakfast served (on request but not guaranteed) after 09.30 am:

    Euro 30.00 surcharge per room

    The dining room must be left for rearrangement at 09.45 am


    In all rooms and common areas smoking is strictly forbbiden.

    We deliver a clean and fragrant room and we request it, in return, in the same optimal conditions.

    If we discover an abuse in the use of the room, linked to smoking (but not only), we will ask the customer to leave the hotel immediately.

    The cost of a professional washing of all the fabrics in the room is Euro 200.00 which we will charge to the guest who does not respect the smoking ban, in addition to the cost related to the damage for the room being stopped for all the days necessary to regenerate it and make it reusable again will cost the customer additional Euro 150.00 per day.


    The daily cleaning and rearrangement of the rooms are for our hotel an obligation and a need in order to check and verify at the same time problems or anomalies of any kind.

    Our units are available to guests according to a typical hotel logic that does not provide for permanent and seamless occupation of the rooms, but leaves room for the organization to operate in terms of rearrangement and cleaning and taking care of any corrections of problems that should arise at any time.

    The rooms are reassembled, obviously at no cost, if the guests will leave them by 12.00 pm.

    After this deadline, the cost of rearranging the room is Euro 50.00 as we will be forced to ask our staff for an extraordinary extension of their working hours.


    To protect the privacy of our guests and safety of our hotel, visits by strangers to the rooms are not allowed, even for very short periods.

    Please take note of the indication in order to avoid unpleasant discussions.

    Friends / acquaintances / family members are welcome at Hotel Ca 'del Bosco, as long as they are introduced to the property, avoiding to enter the rooms.

    We have a comfortable lounge or summer terrace where they can be invited.

    It is possible to invite guests for dinner, having checked the necessary availability with the property.

Hotel Ca' del Bosco

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32020 Selva di Cadore BL  Italia

Frazione Santa Fosca

Phone: +39 351 5207248

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