Hotel security rules

Below is a short list of simple rules that we will all be required to observe and respect for the Winter Season 2020 - 2021:


- hand sanitation is a crucial factor, that is why we ask you to use the disinfectant gel,  available  to you almost everywhere.


- the mask must always be worn in the common areas except in the breakfast room and restaurant during your breakfast or dinner;


- upon your arrival at the hotel we will proceed the usual and  standard check-in, adding the measurement of body temperature via laser thermometer;


- Your room is disinfected with suitable products and subject to additional sanitization with Ozone. The TV remote control has also been sanitized and will be found inside an envelope that can be opened and thrown away. We have prudently removed some objects such as the telephone - paper material such as brochures - envelopes - writing paper - maps and pens.


We ask you to have regard for our staff who tidies up your room, opening the windows when - every day - you leave the room.


- We have also removed any paper material such as books and publications from the living room to facilitate better cleaning and sanitization;


- We have also removed the wine lists in paper format and we have created a wine list that you will find on a specific page of our website. You can consult it with your desktop - tablet - mobile phone.


A substantial change will be introduced - starting from the WINTER 2020-2021 season - to the BUFFET BREAKFAST which, due to the very high risks of contamination (even with single-dose packages which - however - can be handled improperly by the guests themselves) it will be abandoned and replaced with an ONLINE ordering system of your BREAKFAST which will allow us to serve you your order directly at the table. We will take the opportunity to reduce the cost of your stay and introduce a BREAKFAST order which will give you - by the way - the full control of the quantity, quality and exact price of  you breakfast and no longer calculated on a flat rate basis. 


Here at Hotel Ca 'del Bosco we took a further step forward (not without technical difficulties and radical changes) but in line with the new anti-Covid requirements and maximum environmental safety, and we can say we're totally innovative, comparing the local competitors.


These measures will allow us to be able to accommodate you in safety and serenity.


Enjoy your stay in the Dolomites and have a good Winter season !